Apr 24, 2018
One style we absolutely love is bohemian! Now when you hear boho (or bohemian) you might be inclined to think of orange walls and blue carpets and all shades of green around the house, in other words, boho is mostly associated with an explosion of bright colours, rotan, plants and patterns... but that's not the kind of boho we're talking about today. Nothing wrong with colours but we prefer the neutrals, pastels, natural materials and raw looking textiles, call it boho chic, boho heaven or beach boho and we're gonna show you exactly what we are talking about and how to recreate this look at home. Have a look:

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Don't you just LOVE the way these rooms have been put together? And the best part is, it's not that hard at all, a few good pieces can make a world of difference. For example, do you see how just one cushion with a bold print stands out in each picture? Adding one or two eye catchers on your sofa is an easy and cheap way to get one step closer to that boho feel. Next up: baskets!

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A good boho room has at least a few baskets. In these pics they have been used at pots (how clever!) and that is definitely a good way to use them, but don't stop there... think of using baskets for all kinds of storage (toys, blankets, books, etc) or as laundry basket (in the bathroom or bedroom) or simply as an organizer in your bathroom, kitchen, office or kids room. I personally use them for my make-up and hairbrushes and love the look of it, so much better than boring plastic boxes! 

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Final tip for the day: rugs. A good boho room has a beautiful rug, and not necessarily in front of the sofa, ever considered keeping a rug under the dining table, like in the picture above? Or at the foot end of the bed? Or in your bathroom? Today rugs or no longer to keep your feet warm but to make your room like good and a rug used well can make a world of a difference. Another great trend is to place a rug on another rug, like for example a cow skin on a larger fluffy carpet or a patterned rug overlapping a plain color one. We have made a collection of images to give you some more inspiration on our Pinterest page, go over and have a look and don't forget to let us know when you've tried one or more of the above tips!

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Cover: Draumesider (left) & Noeudjustine (right)